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You will learn how to read sheet music, notation and tablature. 
We will help you grow the technical skills to master your chosen instrument.
You will have access to a shared library of hundreds of well-known songs from a variety of genres.
Achieve recognisable qualifications, life-long skills and discipline in practice.

How Does It Work?

Real Songs

Know that one song that you've always wanted to play? You can learn it!

We teach our musicians how to play real songs that they know and like. Whether you are a loud rockstar or a complete beginner, you will be playing along to your favourite songs in no time.

Real Skills

We aim to provide a very well-rounded music education, which includes (but is not limited to):
 - Instrumental Technique
 - How To Maximise Your Practice Time
 - Applied Music Theory
 - Performative Stagecraft
 - Introduction to New Musical Genres

Graded Examinations

Our graded examination syllabus provides an opportunity to put your musical skills to the test, whilst also receiving qualifications which are recognised by Colleges and Universities across the UK.

We are open to teaching with any preferred examination board, but typically we use:
 - Trinity College of Music
 - RockSchool
 - London College of Music


A key element of studying musicianship is performing live (or recorded) for other people.

We steadily nurture confidence in our students and  aim to empower them to feel free to express themselves to an audience. 
Where Will You Be Three Months From Now?

Meet The Teachers

Alex Rothwell

Alex rocking out to Voodoo Chile


Alex has a wealth of experience performing live, solo and in band settings. He can often be found in the recording studio, working with various artists as well as his own material.  

Alex thrives when working with students of any age and has a long standing reputation for helping his students to achieve the highest marks in graded exams.
Alex is an all-rounder when it comes to musical taste, but his main influences are Blues, Rock, Country and Jazz. He also has a guilty pleasure - 90s Britpop! His favourite artists are John Mayer, Thin Lizzy and Sean Webster.
- Grade 1 - 8 Guitar
- Grade 1 - 8 Music Theory
- BA (Hons) in Music Technology & Popular Music


Ash's mohawk tends to stick out in a crowd. He has wealth of experience performing in studio and live settings and has played with a vast variety of bands and genres through the years. He is well-versed in Rock, Pop, Funk and Metal drumming and brings unique enthusiasm when he performs.

Ash has taught in multiple schools across the North of England and in his element working with young (and adult!) aspiring musicians.
- Grade 1 - 8 Drums
- Grade 1 - 8 Music Theory
- BA (Hons) 1st Class in Drama & Performance

Ash Legg

Ash in the zone, bashing the skins live.


  • Only my second lesson,going well,Alex is a great teacher


    3 weeks (12 lessons)
    Alex is amazing as always , my daughter loves her lessons


    16 weeks (36 lessons)
    Alex is an absolutely fantastic teacher. Very patient, and really helps me keep ma confidence, even when I start to lose it. Highly recommend 5*


    2 weeks (8 lessons)
  • My daughter is really enjoying her lessons and learning lots quickly. Thanks!


    3 weeks (12 lessons)
    Just had my first lesson with Alex, really good teacher! Guided me really easily, can't wait to book another lesson.


    16 weeks (36 lessons)
    My daughter absolutely loves these guitar lessons with Alex , will keep returning


    2 weeks (8 lessons)
  • As someone who hadn't even picked up a guitar before it was great teaching


    3 weeks (12 lessons)
    Alex is brilliant with my young son, really encouraging and keeps him engaged and interested. Highly recommended.


    16 weeks (36 lessons)
    I've had Alex for about a year now and over that year I have progresses drastically and have learnt all the basics and moving on to more advanced things he has also proven that practise and time can help a person alot and has been always there if I need any advice. All of jow music's lads are extraordinarily helpful.


    2 weeks (8 lessons)

Lesson Pricing

We firmly believe that Music Education should be available to as many aspiring musicians as possible and we price our lessons competitively to reflect this.
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Per Lesson
60 Minute


Per Lesson
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